Tech Advancements Come to Surface Alongside the Metaverse

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3 min readApr 1, 2022


Emerging Tech Roundup — April 1

The Quantious team’s top picks for timely trending news in the tech world.

This week in tech: Unexpected brands move into the metaverse, emotion detection by AI is unveiled, TikTok Library is introduced, new shortcuts are on the horizon for Messenger, Dyson teases its wearable air purifier and FedEx plans to use drones for deliveries.

Metaverse Gold-rush: Top 5 Brands Moving Into the Space

(Yahoo!, March 27)

As the hype around the fruition of the metaverse grows, companies across all industries are jumping on the bandwagon. Some of the most recent companies to make the move are Coca-Cola, Nike, Disney, Gucci and Heineken, which hosted a promotional event for ‘the world’s first virtual beer.” Goals within the metaverse for each brand vary, but for starters, Heineken’s event made attendees crave a real-life Heineken after it was finished.

Nemesysco Spinoff Unveils Emotional Detection in AI Tools

(VentureBeat, March 28)

Nemesysco is using its existing voice-analyzing technology to better gauge the emotional state of avatars when talking. Aimed to be leveraged in the metaverse, the company hopes that using the tool to gauge emotional state will allow for more human-like interactions, and help companies measure customer satisfaction levels.

Jose Cuervo Tradicional Brings the First-ever Distillery to the Metaverse

(Financial Post, March 28)

Jose Cuervo is working with Ache, Tangible and Bompas & Parr to reach a larger audience within the metaverse. The company’s “metadistillery” will serve as a place where users can learn about tequila, gather to see permanent fixtures and more in the near future.

TikTok Partners with GIPHY on New Video Creation Tool, ‘TikTok Library’

(TechCrunch, March 29)

TikTok plans to launch TikTok Library, which will serve as a collection of GIFs and eventually, audios, text templates and more for creators to easily access when creating content. TikTok plans to categorize the library into “Reactions, Quotes, People and Iconic Moments.”

Meta Introduces Slack-like Shortcuts to Messenger

(9to5Mac, March 29)

Meta has rolled out two new features on its Messenger app and plans to roll out more later this year. As of today, the infamous @everyone and /silent shortcuts are available on Messenger. In the near future, Meta plans to roll out a /Pay shortcut for transactions, a /gif shortcut for sharing GIFs, and various emoji-triggering shortcuts.

Dyson Is Betting You’ll Want to Strap an Air Purifier to Your Face

(TechCrunch, March 30)

Dyson has created over 500 prototypes to finally perfect The Dyson Zone headphones. The device has three noise-canceling modes and a built-in air filter that sits right in front of the mouth, capable of filtering out allergens and pollutants. A release date or price has not been determined yet.

FedEx Taps Jetsons-inspired Elroy Air for Self-flying Cargo Runs

(Axios, March 30)

Starting in 2023, FedEx plans to start using an autonomous drone to make its deliveries. The drone will be built by Elroy Air and can carry up to 500 pounds. It is a hybrid device, requires a charge to operate, and contributes to FedEx’s goal to achieve carbon-neutral operations by 2040.



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