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Emerging Tech Roundup — October 22

This week in tech: Google introduces new AR experiences with Google Glass, 8i rolls out real-time human holograms, Facebook plans to hire 10,000 EU workers for the metaverse, Shopify launches a no-code personalization tool, Snap introduces global creative studio Arcadia, AI prototype Delphi judges morality, and WhatsApp launches new Collections shopping feature.

Google Cloud Plans to Deliver AR Solutions on Google Glass

TeamViewer and Google Cloud are working together to enhance the customer experience in stores. Assisted Order Picking will allow users to place an order, hands-free, using Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2 smart glasses. The Google Glass heads-up display will assist associates in putting together orders quicker and with more accuracy.

8i Shows Off its Real-time, Human Holograms

8i is rolling out a technology that displays 3D holograms of humans in real-time using various cameras and machine learning. The machine is capable of displaying a person within seconds. Thanks to the prompt streaming capabilities, these holograms can be used for broadcasting and other interactive experiences among users.

Facebook to Hire 10,000 in EU to Work on Metaverse

Facebook is investing in the European Union to prepare for the unveiling of the metaverse. By investing in the EU, the company will gain “access to a large consumer market, first-class universities, and high-quality talent.” Although the metaverse isn’t expected to be built for some time, Facebook is preparing early by starting to recruit talent worldwide.

Shopify Launches No-code Tool: Dialogue

Shopify is launching Dialogue, a personalization platform that requires no code to implement. By using the new platform, sellers can expect increased sales and customer insights, automated promotions, and AI-personalized shop recommendations. Dialogue also offers AI-powered cross-selling and upselling, which will offer shoppers combination packages based on what they have in their cart.

Snap is Launching a Global Studio to Develop Branded AR Experiences

Snap is launching global creative studio, Arcadia, to assist companies in creating advertisements with AI. Creating such unique, compelling ads is expected to help businesses attract Gen Z audiences. The tool can also perform reporting on audiences. Arcadia will operate independently and can be used by influencers as well as bigger brands and companies.

AI Prototype Delphi Tells Users if a Situation is Morally Correct

The Allen Institute for AI has developed a technology that will judge the morality of a posed situation. However, people who have experimented with Delphi say that adding a slight positive twist at the end of a morally concerning sentence can trick the machine into telling the user the situation is “good.” Over time, the machine learning should build on itself to diminish any bias and present better answers.

WhatsApp Users Can Now Shop for Items by Category Using “Collections”

In addition to WhatsApp’s new features, Catalogs and a basic cart, users can now use Collections to find products with ease. Businesses can categorize their products so that shoppers do not have to sift through lengthy item lists. This feature is anticipated to further encourage WhatsApp users to shop in-app.

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