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Leading Tech Companies Find New Ways to Optimize the Use of XR

Emerging Tech Roundup — November 24

This week in tech: EMS meets VR in Wave Company’s electro-haptic suit, Nvidia’s CEO shares his input on the investment value of the metaverse, climate change awareness is further spread with AI, Nvidia introduces a image-creating AI tool, Fold and Niantic partner to offer Bitcoin rewards to gamers, and Dent Reality makes grocery shopping easier.

Wave Company Announces Electro-haptic Suit to Combine EMS and VR for Gaming and Exercise

South Korean startup Wave Company has introduced its ElecSuit to the public. The suit has electronic muscle stimulation (EMS) and VR exercise capabilities, and can even offer massages before and after workouts. The 5-in-1 suit is reportedly “as comfortable as sportswear” and has potential to elevate performance in health management, entertainment, and sports.

Nvidia CEO Says the Metaverse Could Save Companies Billions of Dollars in the Real World

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang spoke recently spoke about the potential the metaverse holds for companies. By simulating factories, power grids, plants and more in the metaverse, they can decrease waste and increase efficiency. A small company investment in AI earlier on is expected to go a long way as the metaverse rolls out.

El Salvador Bitcoin City Planned at Base of Conchagua Volcano

El Salvador is planning to build a city at the base of a volcano, funded by an estimated $18 billion in cryptocurrency. The president foresees the city to have residential areas, services, museums, food, entertainment and more. The plan is very controversial, however, as businesses are forced to accept Bitcoin as payment and its value still heavily fluctuates day-to-day.

The AI Tool Lets You Visualize How Climate Change Could Affect Your Home

In an effort to spread awareness about climate change, researchers at the Quebec AI Institute have developed technology to show users how their own properties will be affected in years to come. Researchers hope that the humbling visualization will open the eyes of users, influencing them to learn how they can help and prevent such drastic predictions from becoming realities.

Nvidia’s New AI Technology Produces Images When Prompted

Nvidia’s GauGAN 2 is capable of creating images when prompted with a short description, such as “waves rippling over rocks.” The AI algorithm is still learning and although sometimes it returns perplexing images, other times it creates very enchanting visuals. As the GauGAN technology continues to improve, its creators hope that eventually people can use it to create basic images without having to draw or possess artistic abilities themselves.

Fold Partners with Niantic to Create AR-based Bitcoin Rewards App

Beta app Fold AR is rolling out to offer users rewards in the form of Bitcoin. Similar to Niantic’s Pokémon Go app, the goal of play is for users to explore the world around them. Starting on November 23, 2021, players can earn Bitcoin as prizes for locating specific surroundings.

Dent Reality Raises $3.4M to Bring AR Into the Grocery Store

Dent Reality is working to enhance the shopping experience for tech lovers. Using hyper-localized mapping in its new technology, the company is developing a smartphone tool that will map out a direct path to a shopper’s desired product. Users can chose an item they’re looking for, and their phone camera will guide them the rest of the way.

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