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Emerging Tech Roundup — October 1

This week in tech: Snoop Dogg partners with The Sandbox, Samsung maps the human brain, TikTok passes 1 billion users, LinkedIn plans to experiment with paid events on its platform, liquid metal is used to 3D-print haptic gloves, Etsy introduces AR shoppable homes, and Amazon introduces a new home robot, Astro.

Snoop Dogg is Rebuilding His Real-life Mansion in Sandbox NFT Metaverse

Virtual gaming world The Sandbox has partnered with Snoop Dogg, and he will be building his mansion within the game. His NFT collection will include concerts, events, and Q&As, among other things. Players will be able to explore his mansion, car collection, pets, artwork, pool, and more.

Samsung Puts Forward Vision to ‘Copy and Paste’ the Brain on Neuromorphic Chips

Leading engineers and scholars at Samsung and Harvard University are developing a copy of the brain and how it works using recordings of electrical signals from neurons. They will use this to map the neuroncal connection within the brain. Once developed, they envision ‘pasting’ this map onto SSDs and RRAMs with existing information to mimic the brain itself.

TikTok Says it has Passed 1 Billion Users

In the first quarter of 2020, TikTok became the most-downloaded app worldwide, and it has now passed 1 billion monthly users. Revenues have increased by over two times in the past year, proving the app’s growth to be substantial. TikTok’s competition is increasing as its competitors roll out their own unique, short-video creation features.

LinkedIn to Test Paid Online Events as Potential New Money Maker

LinkedIn is building off of their LinkedIn Events program, experimenting with paid events hosted on the platform. The update includes “managing payments, selling tickets, and generating earnings as a host.” The new feature is also expected to make hosting events easier for users, and is believed to be in beta testing as of now.

Researchers Develop Haptic Gloves for VR Using 3D-Printed Liquid Metal

South Korean researchers are working on haptic gloves to mesh together the virtual world and the real world. The gloves are capable of relaying VR-projected sensory feedback to a person in reality, including vibrations, heat, and more. Crafted with liquid metal, the gloves are believed to especially help people operate big machinery, as they can feel the “vibrations and physical feedback,” allowing them better handling.

Etsy Debuts Shoppable Virtual House

Etsy Is launching Etsy House, a shoppable AR experience through which users can purchase goods from the marketplace. The 360-degree imagery allows shoppers to see products in a fully decorated house before buying, with ease. If a user is interested in a piece of art, furniture, or a photo, they can cover over the product and easily access the link to buy.

Amazon Announces Astro the Home Robot

Amazon is developing Astro, their new home robot. The robot has a number of helpful capabilities, including “Do not disturb,” “out of bounds” to place limitations on where it can travel, and more. Homeowners can use the extendable camera to check on things around the house when they are not home, in addition to the feature that notifies the owner when something seems suspicious.

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