Growing Tech Enables New Research Capabilities

Emerging Tech Roundup — June 17

CRISPR-Based Map Ties Every Human Gene to Its Function

(MIT News, June 9)

TikTok’s Parent Company Is Gearing Up to Invest a Lot of Money in VR

(The Verge, June 11)

Microsoft Teams Now Uses AI to Improve Echo, Interruptions, and Acoustics

(The Verge, June 13)

How Apple Could Kill CAPTCHAs With Private Access Tokens

(Apple Insider, June 14)

Startup Plans to Launch Nuclear Reactor Into Space for First Time in Decades

(Vice, June 14)

Facebook Is Changing Its Algorithm to Take On TikTok, Leaked Memo Reveals

(The Verge, June 15)

Apple’s Coolest iOS 16 Feature Lets You Drag Subjects Right Out of Images

(MacRumors, June 15)



The Quantious team

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