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Emerging Tech Roundup — June 10

The Quantious team’s top picks for timely trending news in the tech world.

This week in tech: AWE stimulates the fight against climate change, scientists explore human camouflage, Zappar introduces a shopping technology to help the blind, Tripp receives more funding for a mindful metaverse, the Queen of England makes a holographic appearance, Japan tests clean energy production and Bali begins to develop a digital nomad visa.

AWE announces $100,000 XR Prize challenge to fight climate change

(Auganix, June 1)

In an effort to use AR/VR to fight climate change, AWE is hosting a year-long challenge that will award one participant $100,000. Participants have been instructed to propose a solution for climate change using AR/VR, and the rest is a matter of their own creative freedom. The winning team gets to keep sole ownership of their project and will be announced at AWE USA 2023.

Secret of squid invisibility used to turn human cells transparent

(New Atlas, June 2)

Scientists at the University of California, Irvine have been researching the introduction of camouflage-enabling protein structures into human cells. The team experimented on genetically engineered kidney cells, and the proteins gathered in the same way as those of a squid would. Similar to a squid, the protein structure in humans altered how light was scattered, which is what enables the camouflage.

Zappar announces partnerships with Arcturus and Avatar SDK to help the blind

(Auganix, June 2)

Zappar has introduced its new technology, which will help blind and partially sighted people to access product information from the comfort of their homes. Dubbed Zapvision, the system allows people to have a more accessible shopping experience, as they will be able to use their phones to learn about supermarket products.

Tripp Mindfully Raises $11.2 Million to build a mindful metaverse

(Forbes, June 5)

With top investors on its side, including Qualcomm, Amazon Alexa Fund and Niantic, Tripp has reached its next milestone in funding. The company has just reached $26.3 million in investments, over $11 million of which will be dedicated to building a ‘mindful metaverse’. Tripp’s app is paid and filled with meditations, breathing exercises and more. It is currently available on Meta Quest 2 devices, in addition to other popular VR platforms.

Queen hologram appears in Gold State Coach during pageant

(Sky News, June 5)

During the Platinum Jubilee, the Queen of England made a holographic entrance from inside the same carriage that she rode in for her coronation 70 years ago. The hologram was created using footage from her coronation ceremony, spreading a nostalgic sentiment in the crowd.

Giant deep-ocean turbine trial offers hope of endless green power

(The Seattle Times, June 6)

Japan’s IHI Corp. has had a clean energy alternative in the making for over a decade, and has finally had a successful test in its capabilities of providing renewable energy. The technology, dubbed Kairyu, is made up of a subsea turbine that feeds off of ocean current to generate energy. Researchers estimate that the surrounding ocean’s currents could allow Kairyu to generate up to 200 gigawatts of power, posing a promising mode to reaching zero carbon in Japan.

Remote workers may soon be able to live and work tax-free in Bali, under a 5-year ‘digital nomad’ visa

(Fortune, June 7)

On Monday, Indonesia’s tourism minister shared that the country plans to offer a “digital nomad” visa that will allow overseas remote workers to work from Bali. While income from overseas is normally taxed, income under the visa would not be taxed. Bali hopes to increase tourism with this effort in hopes that it will help them recover from the pandemic.




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