Emerging Tech Roundup — March 20

The Quantious team’s top picks for timely trending news in the tech world.

This week in tech: Musicians are getting creative about live music, VR is offering fitness solutions, LinkedIn makes good on an eco-friendly promise, Apple’s iPad gets an upgrade, and streaming services switch to standard definition.

Tours are Canceled, so Musicians are Turning to Twitch

(The Verge, Mar 19)

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the music industry has been halted, leaving many artists searching for ways to perform and generate income. In light of concert cancellations and venue closings, musicians are turning to digital platforms to live stream performances, with larger artists flocking to Instagram and indie musicians turning to Twitch. The reason many indie artists are choosing Twitch is that they offer a wider variety of opportunities for monetization. As these artists get up to speed with Twitch as a platform and community, fans are excitedly tuning in to performances, and musicians are finding a way to connect with the outside world during this difficult time.

Get Your Sweat On During Quarantine With These Fitness-Focused VR Experiences

(VRSCOUT, Mar 16)

Many gyms have had to close in order to combat the COVID-19 outbreak. That said, thanks to augmented and virtual reality, you can join virtual training sessions from your home. Check out the full article to explore the variety of immersive experiences available for working out while safely following guidelines around “social distancing.”

LinkedIn is getting serious about eco-friendly buildings

(CNN, Mar 11)

Cement production contributes to 7% of man-made greenhouse gases. To lower its carbon footprint, LinkedIn is working with startup CarbonCure to help with constructing its new 245,000 square foot building and accompanying parking lot in California. With the help of CarbonCure, the company will leverage more eco-friendly concrete, as well other sustainable efforts.

The new iPad Pro finally turns Apple’s tablet into a laptop rival

(Wired, Mar 18)

Apple has released its new iPad Pro, which is now complete with a keyboard, trackpad and mouse capability. These features may help Apple attract professionals who need a similar functionality to laptops, trackpads, or mice. For existing iPad users, accessory versions of these new features will be coming out soon. In addition, Apple has released new versions of its MacBook Air and Mac Mini, both complete with updated features, higher processing power, and more.

Netflix, Amazon Prime Video to slow down streaming so internet won’t overload

(CNET, Mar 20)

With the recent Coronavirus situation, more and more people are switching to online for their everyday needs. The sudden increase in internet use and online activity has been putting a strain on internet speeds, so there might be a need to prioritize internet use. The EU has reached out to multiple video streaming platforms about streaming in standard quality rather than the usual high definition settings. This simple switch could allow for prioritization of more necessary internet usages.

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