Eddy Adams Creator Spotlight

Quantious Team
4 min readFeb 14, 2023

As we continue with our creator spotlight series, this week we are highlighting Eddy Adams! Eddy is an Augmented Reality Designer and 3D Motion Designer, a part of the Spark Partner and Snap Lens Networks, and has an incredibly wide portfolio to show for all of his work. He walked us through a day in his life, provided advice for aspiring AR creators, and opened up about the challenges and benefits of being a creator.

How did you get started?

“My journey started when I was just a child. My dad has always been a hobbyist, so I learned some 3D skills when I was only a few years old. Through high school and college, I put all my energy into 3D. I worked for a decade in the advertising industry making tv commercials. Then, a few years ago, an agency I was working with doing motion design work reached out to see if I was interested in working on an AR project. I said yes and quickly fell in love with the platform. I have never looked back since.”

What does the typical day of a creator look like?

“A typical day involves a whole lot of sitting. Haha. In the mornings, I’ll grab a coffee and work through my inbox. The goal is always to get to zero inbox before I get to work on my main projects. That’s easier said than done, though. Then, I’ll put on my headphones and get building. I like listening to energetic future bass music. Check out Shuffle Syndrome on Spotify. I love it. For lunch, I’ll probably eat a premade Trader Joe’s salad. They’re delicious and less than half the price of any of those fast-casual salad restaurants. In the evening, I’ll try to work as much as my energy levels will allow. Then my wife and I crack open Netflix to see what creative experiences have been prepared for us to view.”

What is your favorite part of the creation process?

“My favorite part of the creation process is when I get to be deep in 3D. Whether it’s building assets, rigging them, or building materials, I love it all. It’s pure magic that we can think of something, then build it from scratch. It’s even more magic that millions of people will likely see that 3D model in a matter of days. It’s dizzying.”

What are some challenges you face during the creation process?

“The biggest challenge of the creation process is actually outside of the creation process. I struggle with finding time to create. As a self-employed creator, I have to handle all the business responsibilities that an agency would normally handle. This includes emailing clients, working on taxes, getting new business, updating my website, etc.”

Do you have any advice for anyone looking to get started in AR creation?

“Getting started in the AR industry may seem overwhelming. Millions of different effects out there require totally different areas of expertise to build. What I recommend is to take a few courses on design and 3D. Having a solid understanding of 3D will give you a huge leg up. Nearly all my effects use 3D elements. You also need a lot of self-motivation. I build more community effects than I build client effects. So a lot of my time is spent working on projects that don’t pay. Those projects, though, will forever be a part of your portfolio. And you never know, one of them may go viral and set you up for even more success!”

What are some benefits of being an AR creator?

“Being an AR creator unlocks a new world of opportunity. The creator pool is still small enough that anyone can make a name for themselves if they’re skilled enough, engage with the community, and are ready to put in the time. My favorite benefit is unlimited vacation. Sure, I don’t get paid for it, but if I want to take off a few months, it’s no problem. You have complete freedom to live the life you want. Need to earn more? Work more! Need a breather? Just say no to the next job.”

You can explore Eddy’s work and more on the website and social channels below:

Tiny Bee



“Tiny Bee is a TikTok effect that went viral in early 2022. It’s a simple effect that turns you into a round, plump bumblebee flying through a pastel environment. After getting paired with a couple of trending TikTok sounds, it blew up, hitting a billion views.”

Tongue Flapping



“Tongue Flapping is a TikTok effect that went viral in early 2022. I recorded a video of my mouth open with my tongue sliding across my upper teeth. It was a simple effect that blew up when a few influencers on TikTok started using it. A woman would be working out, the guy would look over, and the tongue flapping would appear on their mouth. This effect recently hit one billion views.”

Spark AR Masterclass


“The Spark AR Masterclass was a massive project I undertook to build a comprehensive course to teach the ins and outs of augmented reality design. Over a thousand students signed up, and the course got hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube. Eventually, Meta acquired the course from me and will soon be adding it to their official Spark curriculum.”

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