Charly Bourgain Creator Spotlight

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3 min readApr 3, 2023

As we continue with our creator spotlight series, this week we are highlighting Charly Bourgain! Charly is an Augmented Reality Artist and Meta Spark Partner and has an eye-catching, wide-ranging portfolio of work. He walked us through a day in his life, provided advice for aspiring AR creators, and opened up about his favorite part of the creative process.

How did you get started?

“In the summer of 2019, a friend sent me an interview that an AR creator gave to French media about Instagram filters. Knowing my interest in exploring emerging technologies and expressing myself in novel ways, he thought it might pique my interest. Although I had been intrigued by augmented reality for some time, I had previously assumed that it was a domain reserved for engineers. While I initially found it intriguing, I didn’t fully appreciate its artistic potential until several months later, in October, when I finally downloaded the software Meta Spark Studio which was called Spark AR Studio at the time.”

What is your favorite part of the creation process?

“As an AR artist, my favorite part of the creation process is ideation. I love brainstorming and imagining innovative AR concepts that push the boundaries of what’s possible. To me, there’s something incredibly rewarding about taking an idea from its initial spark to a fully fleshed-out concept that I can bring to life through AR technology. It’s a process that requires both creativity and technical expertise, which makes it all the more satisfying when I’m able to realize my vision in a way that engages and inspires users.”

Do you have any advice for anyone looking to get started in AR creation?

“My advice would be to let your imagination run wild. Don’t be afraid to experiment with new ideas and techniques, and don’t feel like you need to follow tutorials or step-by-step instructions to the letter. Instead, try to approach AR creation as a way to express your unique vision and perspective, and to explore the possibilities of the medium in your own way. If you find yourself stuck or in need of guidance, don’t hesitate to reach out to the AR community for support and inspiration. By fostering a spirit of creativity and collaboration, you’ll be able to unlock the full potential of AR and create truly groundbreaking works of art.”

What are some benefits of being an AR creator?

“One of the primary benefits, in my opinion, is the freedom that comes with the job. Working as a solo artist, I have the flexibility to set my own schedule and choose the projects that interest me most. This level of autonomy allows me to explore my creativity in a way that feels authentic and fulfilling, and to take on projects that align with my personal interests and vision.”

How do you see the future of AR evolving, and what role do you think AR creators will play in shaping that future?

“In my opinion, the future of augmented reality lies in AR glasses. This transition has already begun with the recent release of the Meta Quest Pro, which includes the beta of Virtual Objects. This marks a paradigm shift, as creators will gradually shift their focus from mobile platforms to AR glasses.”

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