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Emerging Tech Roundup — November 19

This week in tech: K-pop moves into the metaverse, Barbados plans a metaverse embassy, DarkNPS helps identify undetectable drugs, Honda uncovers features of its AWV, Meta releases some of the expected features in its haptic gloves, ethical guidelines are implemented for military-used AI, and Apple will soon offer at-home repair kits for its devices.

Animoca Brands Unveils Plans for the K-pop NFT Metaverse

Animoca Brands is partnering with Cube Entertainment to bring K-pop music into the metaverse, via NFTs. The NFT offerings will be made up of various digital content including artist and album art, full-length albums and more. As Cube Entertainment manages around 50 K-pop artists, fans can anticipate plenty of content to be offered in the metaverse.

What Will a Metaverse Embassy Look Like?

Barbados is planning to form an embassy within the metaverse so that they can play their part in the “diplomatic unification between technology platforms.” As Barbados’ current ambassador H.E. Gabriel Abed navigates the project into the metaverse, he is entertaining the idea of “e-visas” laying out rights and protections, with which the metaverse embassy must be compliant.

AI Can Quickly ID Structure of Drugs Designed for ‘Legal Highs’

The new AI model developed by UBC DarkNPS could provide help in identifying previously undetectable drugs in screenings. Some of these drugs could take weeks or months to identify, and this technology is capable of doing it in hours. DarkNPS uses tandem mass spectrometry data to guess molecular structures, and is capable of 86% accuracy.

Honda Shows Off the Latest Version of its ‘Autonomous Work Vehicle’

Honda’s new autonomous work vehicle (AWV) is capable of holding up to 880 pounds and pulling 1,600 pounds. It can go off-road and has a range of almost 28 miles. Using its GPS, radar and LiDAR sensors, and 3D cameras, the AWV is able to stop “within centimeters of a given destination.”

Inside Reality Labs Research: Bringing Touch to the Virtual World

Meta has uncovered some details about what consumers can expect from their upcoming haptic gloves. The company has early plans to make the gloves pairable with AR/VR headsets for an immersive experience. Consumers can also expect the application of perceptual science, soft robotics, microfluidics, hand tracking, haptic rendering and ‘force feedback’ capabilities.

The Dept. of Defense is Issuing AI Ethics Guidelines for Tech Contractors

The Defense Innovation Unit has implemented new “responsible artificial intelligence” guidelines to be used by third-parties who are developing AI for the military. Before any AI is built or used, developers must outline the risks of a given technology, who may be affected by them, how people can avoid them and much more. The guidelines are very thorough and are designed to help developers make a decision on whether or not an AI tool is a good idea to build.

Apple to Begin DIY Repair Program for iPhones, Macs Next Year

Apple is improving their user experience by allowing experienced consumers to skip the store when they need repairs. Apple will begin to include a self service repair kit with their products, including tools and manuals. The company will begin the rollout in early 2022 for US iPhones 12 and 13.

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