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As the Metaverse Nears, Tech Innovations Steadily Roll out

Emerging Tech Roundup — November 5

This week in tech: Facebook/Meta hints at new components of the metaverse to come, Camo and Snap introduce Camera Kit, Apple’s AR/VR Headset is rumored to arrive soon, Alphabet experiments with AI in drug exploration, Microsoft introduces corporate metaverse Mesh, Nike files trademarks for the metaverse, and Flippy 2 enhances capabilities.

Facebook Unveils Horizon Home Social VR, Messenger VR Calls, and Fitness VR

Facebook has changed its name to Meta, and has a series of tech announcements to follow. Meta will use Quest 2 VR headsets to connect people in VR spaces, allow use for Messenger to make VR calls, offer games and fitness packages, and soon introduce its own AR glasses. As the unveiling of the metaverse nears, Meta plans to invest over $10 billion in securing its place.

Camo and Snap Inc. Partner to Accelerate AR Streams for Games, Meetings, and Presentations

Camo and Snap Inc. are partnering to bring Snap’s Camera Kit. At no cost, users can access Camo’s highly developed webcam technology through various lenses including focus, face-tracking/emotion, beauty and novelty lenses.

Apple’s AR/VR Headset Rumored to be a Premium Device Arriving in 2022

Apple is rumored to be releasing a high-end headset with enhanced features including “advanced chips, displays, and avatar-based features.” Tech experts predict the product to come as early as 2022 and anticipate it will offer both augmented and virtual reality capabilities.

Introducing Isomorphic Labs

Alphabet is experimenting with the use of AI in discovering new drugs through Isomorphic Laboratories. Using models that predict how the human body will react to a drug and the existing library of research and drug discovery, researchers predict the technology to be a great assist in curing some of the world’s most threatening diseases.

Microsoft is Planning 3D Metaverse Apps for Xbox and Gaming

In early 2022, Microsoft is planning to launch a corporate version of the metaverse, Mesh. Users will be able to embody digital avatars, utilize mixed reality in video calls, incorporate HoloLens for AR/VR, and more. No matter where users are, they will be able to add substance to their platforms and enhance the employee experience with Mesh.

Nike is Quietly Preparing for the Metaverse

Nike is the next company to establish its place in the metaverse early on. It has filed seven trademark applications, and reportedly has prioritized its brand’s presence in the new, virtual world. Nike plans to offer “downloadable virtual goods” along with computer programs featuring its products, and more including its pending patent for “Cryptokicks.”

Flippy 2 Kitchen Robot Can Singlehandedly Work a Fast Food Fry Station

Flippy 2 kitchen robot can now prepare double the variety of food it previously could, and operate on its own. Offering capabilities to prepare about 60 baskets per hour and take up 56% less kitchen space, Flippy 2 is a highly attractive asset to restaurants as of late. With Flippy 2’s assistance, human employees can tackle more complex and challenging tasks.

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