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AR Is Further Woven into the Innovations of Leading Tech Companies

Emerging Tech Roundup — November 12

This week in tech: AR contact lenses are introduced, plans of a Meta retail store are leaked, Sony files an intriguing patent, Snap Inc. brings AR to ComplexCon, Lemonade uses AI to build auto insurance plans, NVIDIA builds an AI platform with realistic avatars, and AI search engine You.com receives funding.

AR Contact Lenses to Help Users Enter the Metaverse

AR contact lenses are being explored by researchers and could possibly offer real-time lighting adjustments, night vision, firefighting capabilities and more. They won’t be able to record, but may be able to remember names of faces with machine learning. The lenses would likely be battery-powered and have a much higher quality display than a smartphone.

Meta is Reportedly Planning Retail Stores as it Pushes into the Metaverse

Meta is rumored to be opening retail stores as the rollout of the metaverse nears. The retail stores will likely give consumers a chance to try Meta’s hardware before purchasing. The tech giant is currently offering Oculus VR headsets and Portal devices but may have plans to expand if they plan to open a physical store.

PlayStation Patent Shows Work on Eye-tracking with Foveated Rendering

Sony filed an application for a patent including foveated rendering, possibly for use in PSVR 2. The feature would allow the device to gauge which area of the screen users are looking at, in addition to other uses. If incorporated into PSVR 2, users can expect increased battery life and an improved visual experience.

Snap Inc. and ComplexCon Use AR to Allow Attendees and Fans at Home to Shop

Snap Inc. has worked with ComplexCon to offer an AR experience for its fashion convention. Participants can partake in exclusive clothing releases and explore the different camera lenses Snap Inc. has to offer, including a Try-On Lens. The lenses will update based on different triggers around the convention, such as the offering of a celebration lens when shoppers purchase an item.

Lemonade Acquires Metromile to Boost Automotive Offering

Lemonade has announced its acquisition of Metromile, which will allow for enhancement of its new auto insurance offering. Metromile’s machine learning data combined with Lemonade’s decade-long research process will provide “more precise pricing” of Lemonade Car insurance, and possibly more AI-enabled features down the line.

NVIDIA Announces Platform for Creating AI Avatars

The CEO of NVIDIA has announced that the company will be rolling out a platform in which AI avatars embody users. The technology used includes natural language understanding, which will allow avatars to converse naturally and thoroughly in multiple languages.

AI-driven Search Engine You.com Takes on Google with $20M

Search engine You.com has received a $20M investment and a beta launch. The unique engine uses AI to increase its understanding of queries and optimize results. The search engine is ad-free, does not sell its data, and can summarize results across multiple searches, in multiple languages. As the information available on the internet grows, You.com will be able to help users digest and consolidate their findings.

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