AI is Integrated into Surgeries, Dementia Diagnoses, Cooking, and Festivals

Emerging Tech Roundup — May 7

Volkswagen Will Develop In-House Self-Driving Chip to Compete With Tesla, Apple

Pixee Medical Surgery Solution Has Received Clearance to Enter U.S. Knee Surgery Market with Vuzix AR M400 Smart Glasses

Scientists Can Use Driving Data and Machine Learning to Detect Dementia

NYC Tribeca Film Festival to Have Both In-Person Immersive Experiences and Online Virtual Projects That People Can Experience

Miso’s AI-Powered App Helps Restaurants Cook the Perfect Medium Rare Steak

Snapchat’s New ‘Creator Marketplace’ will Pair Marketers With Creators To Collaborate on Ads

Exclusive: White House Launches new Artificial Intelligence Website

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