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Emerging Tech Roundup — September 17

Workrooms Announces Zoom Integrations on Oculus Quest 2

Intuit to Buy Marketing Company MailChimp for $12 Billion

Emerging Tech Roundup — September 10

Venture Capitalist Matthew Ball Explains ‘Metaverse Vision’ and Trumpets Crypto

Emerging Tech Roundup — September 3

iPhone 13 to Potentially Make Calls and Send Texts Without Cellular Coverage

‘Tesla Bots’ to Potentially Work on Mars in Inhospitable Environments

Google and Facebook’s New Cable to Link Japan and Southeast Asia

New Project in Israel Aims to Use AI to Help Detect Colon Cancer

Square Agrees to Acquire Afterpay for $29 Billion in All-Stock Deal

Man Uses AI to Bring Back His Deceased Fiancé

The Looking Glass Factory Returns With Two New Holographic Systems

South Korean Toilet Turns Excrement Into Power and Electricity

Quantious Team

The Quantious team

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